Healing the Divide

Healing the Divide

Every election seems to grow the gulf between political “sides” in our state. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine an election where everyone votes for the candidates they like, instead of strategically voting against the one they hate. Imagine politicians appealing to our common values, instead of the most extreme tenets of their side of the political divide.

Approval voting is a simple, affordable alternative voting system that will help bring balance to politics, and help unite us again. Voters simply select every candidate they approve of, and the candidate with the most votes wins. Candidates will be selected on how well they appeal to all of us, instead of trying to scare us into voting against someone.

Simple Changes

Approval voting requires minimal change to the ballots. Right now ballots instruct voters to choose one. Approval voting would have them select all they approve of. Voting software already knows how to calculate this. Even hand-tabulation is dead simple compared to other alternative vote methods.

Easy Voting

Have you ever opened your ballot and thought, “Wait, I haven’t even heard of some of these people.” Alternative voting methods may encourage more candidates to run, which may make our ballots more crowded. But in Approval Voting, if you don’t know a candidate, just don’t vote for them.

No Spoilers

Both Plurality and Ranked Choice Voting have a tendency to eliminate moderate candidates, even when the most voters would have been happy with them. Voters learn to betray their favorites to help the “lesser of two evils” win… which bring us back to divisive politics. Approval Voting is the simplest way to address Spoilers and The Center Squeeze.

More Peace

Let’s do away with the idea of wasted votes, or of “I like her but I have to vote for him so this other guy won’t win.” Approval voting addresses this simply and thoroughly. Successful candidates will have to focus on why we should vote for them, instead of trying to scare us into voting against someone else.

Help Spread the Word!


Approval Voting could change politics as we know it, and the number one thing we need right now is awareness. Help us get the word out by sharing this content with family and friends!

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