Restoring our Republic

It’s still possible to have a functioning republic. One without corruption, spoiler candidates, or wasted votes. All it takes is us joining together.

Representation is broken.

Elections in Utah are routinely decided before the general election with candidates being funded primarily by big donors and corporations. Let’s fix that.


funded by you

Zero statewide winners had more donations from everyday people like you than from large corporations and big-dollar donors. Learn how we can put the power back in your hands.


close races

Competitive elections help legislators better represent you and encourage voter participation, only 8 Utah legislative races ended with less than a 10% margin of victory in 2020. Help us restore competitive elections in Utah.


of the vote

Gov. Spencer Cox won his primary with just 36.1% of the vote. Candidates and voters deserve to know exactly how much winners are liked. See how he could have won with 60% of the vote.

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We Are Utah Podcast

Originally published on We Are Utah | Mar. 30, 2022 Imagine an election where the candidate with the highest approval rating wins. No games, no spoilers, no more feeling forced to choose the lesser of two evils. We can make that happen. Nate Allen – Executive Director Nate earned his associate’s degree from Weber State […]

Approval Voting: Why Force Voters to Choose?

Originally published on BYU Radio | Top of Mind with Julie Rose | Sep. 21, 2021 New York recently became the largest city to use ranked-choice voting in a city-wide election. There’s another form of voting we just learned about called Approval Voting. And for this form of voting, voters don’t pick just one candidate, […]


How can I help spread the news on Approval Voting?

Whatever your skills are, you can help us bring approval voting to Utah. We are a local group organizing to promote approval voting and are actively looking for volunteers, sign up today to get involved!

How is this different from Ranked-Choice Voting?

Approval voting simply allows voters to vote for as many candidates as they wish, and the candidate with the most votes wins. Approval voting is simpler and cheaper than RCV and counts all of your preferences when votes are totaled.

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Help us bring fairer and more representative elections to Utah, we have opportunities for everyone!

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Utah Approves is laser-focused on returning power back to you with well-researched policies.

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