Top-5 Nonpartisan Open Primaries

Giving Everyone a Fair Chance

Top-5 Nonpartisan Open Primaries

In a top-5 nonpartisan open primary, voters from all parties, as well as unaffiliated voters, vote in a single primary that advances the top-5 vote getters to the general election.

This simple change:

  • Allows unaffiliated voters who don’t feel comfortable in either major party to participate in the whole election process
  • Elects more representative candidates
  • Creates more competitive elections

How Will This Affect Conventions in Utah?

Conventions would still be in place for political parties. Instead of nominating candidates to their party’s primary, they would nominate their candidates to the top-5 nonpartisan primary. This allows parties to still have control over the candidates represented by their party.

What About Signature Gathering?

The signature gathering path to the ballot for unaffiliated candidates will remain unaffected, however candidates seeking the nomination of a political party will need to go through their party’s convention. This ensures everyone still has a path to the ballot, while allowing parties the ability to choose their candidates.

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