A ‘Giraffe Party’ can’t emerge without this key voting method

In a country long admired for the robust competition in its marketplaces, we are in sore need of innovation and competition in the political arena.

What is Approval Voting?

"So, who did you vote for President?" Right now, if you asked someone this question, you would expect them to answer with one name. Our current voting system, called 'plurality voting,' requires that each voter select only one candidate to cast their vote for. However, this is often not ideal. You may have a favorite... Continue Reading →

Fargo Becomes First U.S. City to Try Approval Voting

Reform Fargo has worked hard to help get Approval Voting on the ballots for their city. Their ballot measure passed in 2018, and Fargo had its first approval-based election this June. Read more here: Fargo Becomes First U.S. City to Try Approval Voting

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