What is Approval Voting?

“So, who did you vote for President?” Right now, if you asked someone this question, you would expect them to answer with one name. Our current voting system, called ‘plurality voting,’ requires that each voter select only one candidate to cast their vote for. However, this is often not ideal. You may have a favorite…

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What’s wrong with the system we have? What about other alternatives?

Plurality voting has many problems but perhaps most important is that the ‘choose one’ system does not elect representative candidates. A candidate should represent, through views and actions, the opinions and preferences of the voters in their area. The current system fails to achieve that by encouraging candidates to aim for the largest voting block…

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Does Approval Voting violate ‘One-person, One-vote’?

The concept of One-person, One-vote was established to guarantee that no voter had more or less weight to their vote than any other voter. Approval Voting does not break this rule. Approval Voting is asking every voter to give a “Yes” or “No” for every candidate. Each voter has the same choices in front of…

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Wouldn’t people still only vote for their favorite?

This question refers to strategic voting, or where voters consider more than just their preferences. Approval Voting has proven to be extremely resistant to strategic voting in both real-world elections and mathematical simulations. This is because in Approval Voting there is no punishment for choosing your preferences. In some cases, you may only have one…

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