Letter: Actually, approval voting is more expressive

Originally published in The Salt Lake Tribune | Public Forum | Dec. 7, 2021 I was discouraged to see a disingenuous take in a recent letter on the action by legislators to knock down adding approval voting to the municipal alternative voting methods pilot project, which is testing methods to inform a conversation on the best method... Continue Reading →

Utah county clerks say ranked-choice voting elections Tuesday went smoothly, but there’s still an option to be tested

Originally published on KUER | Politics & Government | Nov. 3, 2021 Utah’s November municipal election was a big experiment in ranked-choice voting. About two dozen cities tried it Tuesday and county election officials said the process went smoothly. Ranked-choice voting lets voters choose candidates in order of preference. If no one gets a majority... Continue Reading →

Ranked choice voting. Passing fad, or here to stay?

Originally published in The Salt Lake Tribune | Nov. 2, 2021 It won’t be smooth sailing for ranked choice supporters next year. Some lawmakers would very much like to repeal the pilot program. Former Rep. Steve Christiansen was working on legislation to eliminate the ranked choice voting and vote-by-mail in Utah. Others would like to... Continue Reading →

Op-Ed: We must stop playing politics like chess

Originally published at UtahPolicy.com | Today At Utah Policy | Feb. 2, 2021 Have you ever tried playing chess without taking any of your opponent’s pieces? This question is ridiculous to anyone who has the slightest notion of how chess is played. Chess isn’t a collaborative effort or even a race to a goal, but... Continue Reading →

Approval Voting Bill On Hold

The bill that would add Approval Voting to the state's pilot program is being held for now, pending a summer study. Our representatives want to learn more and we'll be working hard to answer their questions. The Government Operations Interim Committee will decide whether or not to recommend Approval Voting favorably to the House for... Continue Reading →

Approval Voting Bill Introduced in Utah House

Approval voting is officially on the agenda in the Utah House of Representatives. Representative Adam Robertson (R- District 63) has introduced HB0174, initially titled 'Municipal Instant Runoff Voting Amendments,' during the 2021 general session of the Utah State Legislature. This bill amends a previous law allowing municipalities to opt-in to a trial period using instant... Continue Reading →

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