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A ‘Giraffe Party’ can’t emerge without this key voting method

In a country long admired for the robust competition in its marketplaces, we are in sore need of innovation and competition in the political arena.

Another voting alternative exists — Approval Voting — and we should try it first

Approval Voting is a simple alternative that allows voters to choose all of the candidates they like rather than just one. Because of the simplicity of this method, it is extremely cost-effective, doesn’t require major ballot changes, and can be quickly calculated.

We must stop playing politics like chess

"Chess isn’t a collaborative effort or even a race to a goal, but rather a zero-sum systematic dismantling and entrapment of your opponent." But politics don't have to be that way.

Approval Voting deserves serious consideration

Originally published in Ogden's Standard-Examiner, Feb 4, 2021 Approval Voting is an alternative voting method that gives voters the freedom to choose all of the candidates they like rather than being forced to pick just one. Like RCV, it allows you to express your vote for your favorite candidate and a more consensus candidate, but... Continue Reading →

Approval voting can help solve our political problems

Originally published in The Salt Lake Tribune | Public Forum | Feb. 14, 2021, 6:00 a.m. With our country deeply divided over politics, we need to reward leaders who avoid divisiveness and extremism. Unfortunately, our current electoral system rewards extremists who grab attention and promise to fight their political adversaries. One simple change in how... Continue Reading →

Why do we need another voting method? Why not just support RCV?

Ranked choice would be an improvement over what we currently have. But if we are going through all the trouble of reworking our election system, why shouldn’t we make sure we get it the best we can? Approval has some major improvements over ranked choice— it completely removes the spoiler and center squeeze effects, it... Continue Reading →

Approval Voting Bill On Hold

Our group of volunteers has learned a bit about trying to influence our state legislature: mainly that it's best to educate our reps several months in advance of a legislative session, rather than just before a session when they're swimming in bills. The bill that would add Approval Voting to the state's pilot program is... Continue Reading →

Approval Voting Bill Introduced in Utah House

Approval voting is officially on the agenda in the Utah House of Representatives. Representative Adam Robertson (R- District 63) has introduced HB0174, initially titled 'Municipal Instant Runoff Voting Amendments,' during the 2021 general session of the Utah State Legislature. This bill amends a previous law allowing municipalities to opt-in to a trial period using instant... Continue Reading →

What is Approval Voting?

"So, who did you vote for President?" Right now, if you asked someone this question, you would expect them to answer with one name. Our current voting system, called 'plurality voting,' requires that each voter select only one candidate to cast their vote for. However, this is often not ideal. You may have a favorite... Continue Reading →

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