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Approval Voting Bill Introduced in Utah House

Approval voting is officially on the agenda in the Utah House of Representatives. Representative Adam Robertson (R- District 63) has introduced HB0174, initially titled 'Municipal Instant Runoff Voting Amendments,' during the 2021 general session of the Utah State Legislature. This bill amends a previous law allowing municipalities to opt-in to a trial period using instant... Continue Reading →

What is Approval Voting?

"So, who did you vote for President?" Right now, if you asked someone this question, you would expect them to answer with one name. Our current voting system, called 'plurality voting,' requires that each voter select only one candidate to cast their vote for. However, this is often not ideal. You may have a favorite... Continue Reading →

Congrats to St. Louis on passing Prop D!

Congrats to the citizens of St. Louis on passing Prop D, and thank you to the folks at for helping to make this happen. Prop D creates a non-partisan primary with approval-based voting, followed by a runoff election. The city will be working on implementation. Read more here: St. Louis City voters approve plan... Continue Reading →

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