Founded in 2020, Utah Approves is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to reform our elections to produce a government that represents you again. We believe this country has a powerful foundation in the constitution and the powers and freedoms it gives to the people. Unfortunately, we are witnessing a time of increasing polarization and a government that doesn’t listen to us. But it’s not too late, especially if we band together under a common cause. We are all fed up with corruption and feeling like our voice and vote don’t matter anymore and we’re ready to change that.

Our Mission

To bring more representative and fair elections to Utah through well-researched and common-sense policies.

Our Vision

A government that engages with, listens, and responds to the people again.

Our Values

  • Accurate and Inclusive Representation
  • Integrity in Governance
  • Transparency

Our Team

Nate Allen – Executive Director & President of the Board

Nate earned his associate’s degree from Weber State University and transferred to earn his Bachelor’s in Psychology along with minors in Philosophy and Cognitive Science from The University of Utah. Nate founded Utah Approves after witnessing how the election process doesn’t allow for people to express their true preferences leading to disproportionate representation in our government.

Ammon Gruwell – Director of Advocacy & Vice President of the Board

Ammon is a native Utahn, born in Provo, and is a candidate for state house district 15 as a member of the United Utah Party. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Brigham Young University in 2015 and 2017. Ammon is an Electrical Engineer, a husband, and a father of 4 boys.

Andrea Denault – Board Member

Andrea Denault is a political activist who’s worked across the country for more than ten years. In 2018, she ran a landmark campaign for electoral reform, organizing the first city in America to adopt Approval Voting. After leading the historic victory in Fargo, she went on to help usher in a second win in St. Louis, spearhead similar efforts in Denver, and continues to work with electoral reform advocates throughout the U.S.

Justice Byard – Online Presence Manager

Justice is a young marketing entrepreneur and co-founder of the successful startup Auxopro Marketing born and raised in Ogden, Utah. He specializes in Meta and Tik Tok growth and marketing. Justice performed as a Meta Analyst for companies such as Nike and Optic Outfitters. Justice also served as the Advertising Producer and Social Media Manager for Auxopro Marketing.

Trevor Fielding – Community Engagement Coordinator

Trevor Fielding is a senior at UVU and pursuing a career in social impact strategy, peacebuilding, and business consulting. After being trained in communication by Crucial Learning, lobbying by Libertas Leadership Academy, and working for The United Utah Party and The Other Side Village, Trevor is excited to bring everything he’s learned about driving social impact and community building to Utah Approves.